Star Sponsors

Illinois Robotics in Space would like to thank our home department, the Department of Aerospace Engineering for their continued support.


We also would like to acknowledge the support of the Illinois Space Grant Consortium, and the Student Organization Registration Fund.

IRIS would also like to thank Danaher for the support. They bring us one step closer to the competition at the Kennedy Space Center.

The members of IRIS are excited to have Gateway Foundation sponsoring our organization and are grateful for their contribution and support.  Thank you!

Additionally, IRIS is happy to have ELSCO Transformers as a sponsor. ELSCO Transformers helps allow IRIS to physically make our robot and receive the parts we need.

Global Electronic Services has provided us with additional funding that supports our team’s mission to construct our autonomous robot. Thank you very much GES repair for allowing our designs to turn into reality.

Laserfab also provided IRIS with funding which greatly helped our team with construction. IRIS demonstrates what can be achieved with waterjet cutting and laser cutting.

ALL-TEST Pro provided IRIS with funding to have a nice demonstration at EOH and help inspire the next generation of students interested in robotics. Thank you ALL-TEST Pro for helping our organization and our exhibit.

The members of IRIS are grateful for contribution and support from Bittele Electronics. Thank you!

Planet Sponsors


We have the talent. We have the passion. We need help from generous companies willing to support Illinois Robotics in Space as we build the best in autonomous and innovative mining robots.

Interested in supporting our team? We’d love to talk to you! The best way to learn everything to know about sponsorship is through our Sponsorship Packet. Take a look, and contact us at iris.uiuc@gmail.com if you have any questions!